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Monday, 28 October 2013

Stop the war on the poor.

 Stop the war on the poor.
A letter a day to number 10. No 552.
Monday 28 October 2013. Stop the war on the poor.
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Dear Mr Cameron,
Poverty and deprivation are the most inhuman weapons to use against people over which there can be no negotiation and no compromise. In a nation like Britain where money is the means of our survival, withdrawal of benefits through sanctions or any other means is an explicit agreement to murder. This applies to policy makers, those who implement policy (companies, agencies and staff) and more generally to the silent public who make no effort to challenge such inhuman policies and practices.
There is no possible excuse or mitigating circumstances for what Iain Duncan Smith is doing as the architect of this inhuman practice. It requires no judge and jury to find him guilty of crimes against humanity, the self evident reality speaks for itself.
People are living in terror every day of their lives, the will to live is being sapped out of them. Atos is inhuman and degrading and sanctions are state legislated terrorism.
This vile and illegitimate war on the poor has got to stop.
Stop persecuting the poor!

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