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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Death at School Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline

--- America's Forgotten Children" Restraint & Seclusion Awareness Video "
Where is the outrage"?. Our children are human beings, flesh & blood they have emotions and feelings yet are treated worse then criminals or animals. We send our children to school for an education, to make friends and to grow up to be responsible adults. We entusted our children to teachers & school staff just as you do every day. The only difference is our children are coming home battered, bruised, uneducated, mentally traumatised & some arent coming home at all. We didnt send them off to war to defend our country, we didnt send them to prison we sent them to school. I am asking every mother, father, human being to stand up & say the abuse stops now! You dont have to have a child with a disability to speak up. There is right & wrong and this is wrong. Write your legislators today tell them ALL children especially our most vulnerable should be able to attend school free from harm. An education shouldnt hurt or even kill...... We have given the school system loving children. They will stay loving too if they are nurtured and taught with accommodations. However, when they suffer from the systemic abuse of peers, teachers and paraprofessionals, the system blame's them....... One question I want everyone to ask themselves.... What if this was your child?

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