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Monday, 21 October 2013

there is a lesson . . .

there is a lesson . . .

i am
i am the seed that has been planted
in this reality
where things are meant
to come to be

i have been nurtured
by my experiences
which include
my dreams,
my mistakes,
my insights,
and my errancies . . .
to say nothing of my truancies

when i did not show up
there was a lesson

when i fell
and did not get up on my own
there was a lesson

when i tried
and fell short
here was a lesson

when i gave up
on my self
and others
there was a lesson

when my level of expectation
appeared to wane
there was a lesson

when i ceased to dream
for i thought i no longer believed
in my magic
or that of Creation
there was a lesson

balance is always about us
and at times
the Seed has not yet come to embrace
that which shall inevitably be

we reach
we reach
we reach
and it is all necessary
for there is a lesson

yes, you, i, all of us
are the seeds of expectation
that shall know of the exaction
of perfection

we shall break through,
into the damp, dark, deep soils
and in the moment of our greatest challenges
we shall remember the lesson
and break through
and embrace the light
that looms about us
within us
and yield the sweetest of fruits
that our dreams whispered of
when we listened
and believed

there is a lesson . . .
plant seeds . . .

(c) 20 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

World Healing ~ World Peace
Poetry 2014

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