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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sometimes it’s those words of encouragement

“Often it’s words of encouragement that serve as the greatest confidence builder in people for it’s those words of encouragement that help them open doors that were closed before and help them to believe in themselves as they see in themselves the strength, courage and power they never knew they had all because someone took the time to care, to let them know everything would be okay, and to show them some understanding and compassion. When you’re able to see into someone’s heart and to see them for who they are, when you can look past the scars and beneath the surface, when you give them a chance when others have just dismissed them as a lost and hopeless cause, you are giving them hope again and reviving that fighting spirit within for it’s when people know that there are those who care, that there are those who understand, who have been there in their own lives, who know what it’s like to go through tough times, who have felt similar pain, who can empathize with their experiences and their story, they begin to believe in themselves again because they realize they are not alone in what they go through. Sometimes it’s those words of encouragement that makes the difference in saving someone and healing their broken heart by restoring their faith where they have confidence in who they are and in what they can do all because someone else believed in them, took the time to be there, and helped them to see all the potential and greatness within them.”

Jenna Kandyce Linch

Copyright © Jenna Kandyce Linch


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