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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mitrice Richardson went missing on September 17, 2009

Mitrice Richardson went missing on September 17, 2009. After suffering an apparent mental health crisis in a restaurant, she was not taken to a hospital to be evaluated but was however arrested, had her car and belongings towed to a tow yard and subsequently she was released in the pre-dawn hours from a station which had no running bus service, she had no money or any means to care for herself. Her naked skeletal remains were discovered August 9th (tomorrow) 2010, almost 11 months after she went missing. She was found in a remote ravine less than 10 miles from the Lost Hills station and adjacent to what has been referred to as a porn ranch. Her pants, bra and a belt were also discovered spread throughout the ravine.

It has been almost 4 years since she went missing and there are no answers as to how her skeletal remains ended up in that ravine. The Lost Hills station has gone through some challenges since she went missing including the admission from former Captain Tom Martin that he hid a video of Mitrice Richardson leaving the station the night she disappeared and being followed by a deputy. Captain Martin was "promoted" shortly after his admission. He was replaced by Captain Joe Stephen who is no longer at the station due to allegations of sexual misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

With the leadership of the Lost Hills station behaving in such unscrupulous ways, one wonders what really went on at that station the night Mitrice went missing. My biggest hope is that someday her case will be solved.

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