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Monday, 12 August 2013

Terrance Bowman-Taylor

Dr. Metiko has permitted these doctors to deny Terrance & others adequate medical care.  Terrance has been denied adequate medical care by Dr. Joseph M. Lightsey prior to November 2011; license #23603.  This same doctor was forced to leave Central Prison on different occasions. 

Terrance & others were receiving adequate medical care by Dr. Bookert until she was forced to quit because she didn't refuse to deny adequate medical care; Dr. Clifford Curtis was expelled from unit 3 in April 2012 and replaced in Central Prison Emergency room. Dr. Curtis is back in unit 3 (Death row unit) denying treatments for nearly everyone including Terrance.  Dr. Curtis has discontinued Terrance medical orders that was recommended by other medical experts such as the neurosurgeon.

Terrance continues to suffer from the following untreated health problems & injuries:

Right braclival cervical neuropathy with right pectoral atrophy
peripheral neuropathy of his cervical spine
Spinal cord stenosis.
Numbness & pain in left trap, shoulder & left bicep muscles
Nerve damage on right side (arm, shoulder, back, & neck)
Herniated disk
Spinal cord impingement @ C3 - C4
Herniated disk @ C2 - C3
Nerve impingement by bone spurs @ C5 - C6 & C6 - C7 (Cervical spine)
Spinal cord impingement on left side has since worsened.

Collapsed disksherniating on right side
pinching nerve @ L4 - L5; L5 - S1 (lumbar spine)
muscle spasms

Developed Thoracic spine scoliosis (causing spine to curve left).  Terrance DID NOT have scholiosis when he was placed in Central Prison in 1997.
When Terrance had x-rays beformed for bronchitis, this is when scoliosis was recognized.

Bone spurs in heels & ankles; suffers from chronic swelling & sprain; plantar fascitis; tarsal tunel syndrome.
Dr. Curtis refused order for orthopedic boots that were recommended by Podiatry/Orthotics doctor.  (Per the D.P.S. policy & Healthservices policy, Terrance is entitled to orthopedic footwear due to his injuries.

Damaged left shoulder w/cyst & rotator cuff tear((proven on MRI performed on 11/16/12).
Arthropathy in knees

His health continues to deteriate & has become disable due to the ignoring treatments from Dr. Metiko, Dr. Curtis, and Dr. Lightsey.
Mr. Dean Doering is aware of these condition & also ignores such.

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