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Friday, 16 August 2013

Brooklyn Father becomes 1st victim of Stop and Frisk Ruling as NYPD is desperate for Gun bust !

Members of the criminal crime syndicate know as the NYPD broke into a black man's home terrorizing him and his family causing him to have a heart attack and die from the shock. The known liars claimed that they did not break into the man's apartment but he in fact let them in despite the fact the door frame and lock are damaged on 2 residents doors. Cops later claimed they were looking for a cell phone thief and never saw when the father of 8 collapsed in front of them as they left him on the floor to die. The cops will be placed on paid vacation ...opps, I mean paid suspension as the department lunches a year long investigation at which point the cops will be cleared of any wrong doing and returned to the streets to terrorize more black people. I believe this is in direct response to the ruling handed down by a federal judge deeming stop and frisk unconstitutional. This is the 2nd home that has been raided by the NYPD since the verdict because people like Mayor Bloomberg would love to show the news media a table full of guns and drugs found in a minority neighborhoods to justify his illegal stop and frisk policy. What you Didn't know about NYPD's Stop & Frisk program !

NYPD Bust into Wrong home causing man to drop dead from Heart attack in front of his children !

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