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Friday, 16 August 2013

Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg wants the Poor Fingerprinted to enter their own Homes !

 Mayor Bloomberg who was worth 5 billion dollars when he became mayor in 2002 is now worth 27 billion dollars in 2013 while claiming to be working for a dollar a year as mayor. Bloomberg has since waged unrelenting war on black people and the poor with his illegal Stop and Frisk policy that targets blacks above all to be searched at will by racist cops with quotas that are rewarded by writing tickets and making arrest. Since a federal judge ruled that his Stop and Frisk policy is unconstitutional the mayor and the NYPD have been conducting raids in minority neighborhoods hoping to find guns and drugs to call a news conference to justify their rights violations which has already cost one man his life in warrantless home invasion. Former governor David Patterson signed into law that the NYPD can not keep the information of the innocent people the NYPD stops and frisk so Mayor Bloomberg now wants the poor fingerprinted allegedly "for their safety." Is there no end to the insane schemes this wicked mad man will hatch to impoverish and subjugate citizen so he can rule with an iron fist ? Bloomberg deploys his self proclaimed "private army"...aka the NYPD along with hordes of agents to eliminate anyone who opposes his will ? Michael Bloomberg in my opinion is one of the wickedest creatures ever to walk the face of the earth and is a threat to freedom and liberty everywhere. What you Didn't know about NYPD's Stop & Frisk program !

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