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Monday, 12 August 2013


Thank you for all of your support in the innocence
care of my brother,Leon Benson.We have
accomplished a lot. But we still need the mass-media & local (Indiana) media's attention.Thus
far,Leon's case has had very little media

Well, we have not directly contact reporters &
journalist on a consistant basis to demand them to
expose Leon's wrongful conviction & ongoing
freedom campaign.

Now we are calling all supporters to get involved in
this simple act of activism on Leon's
behalf.Contact the reporters listed below & demand
they take notice of this injustice:

:Erika Smith (Indystar reporter) (317)444-6424

:Tim Swarens (Indystar Editor) (317)444-6176<t

:Isaac Ontiveros (Critical Resistance Editor) (510)
444-0484 <isaac@critical resistance.org>

:Richard Essex (Indy news t.v reporter) (317)408-3425 or office phone#(317)655-5804

:JR&/or Mary Ratcliff (editor SF Bayview) (415)671-0789 <blockreportradio@gmail.com>

:Myrna lim (Direct Access TV) (415)816-7037

Kiilu Nayashah (Freedom show Direct TV) (415)
391-3909 <kiilu2@sbcglobal.net>

Please do your part by demanding that they expose
Leon's case, to interview him & family,supporters, &
direct them to his site <www.leonbenson.wix.com/free>.Call each ten time if you want.
Thank You,
Valerie Buford

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