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Friday, 16 August 2013

Palestine: Ex-detainees 'can't move freely'

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Ex-detainees 'can't move freely'

Published today (updated) 15/08/2013

NABLUS (Ma’an) – Israeli authorities have given veteran Palestinian prisoners released Tuesday maps showing the places and streets they can go to within their own cities, says a freed prisoner.

Samir Naneesh from Nablus in the northern West Bank had been detained in May 1989 and was sentenced to life imprisonment after he was convicted of killing an Israeli soldier by throwing a stone at him.

He told Ma’an Thursday that the Israelis warned him and all freed prisoners that they would be detained again if they do not adhere with certain instructions the Israelis gave them.

According to Naneesh, freed prisoners shouldn’t leave their cities or participate in any demonstrations or activities against Israel’s security. Violators will be taken back to prison, he added.

The Fatah-affiliated veteran prisoner highlighted during a reception organized by the movement in Nablus that his release was a dream he awaited impatiently.

Naneesh’s parents died while he was in custody.

“I was surprised most when I saw how my nephews and nieces have matured. Dozens of boys and girls have become men and women, and I thought they were still children.”

He added: “I have my own plans for the future. First, I would like to get married and build a family like other citizens, then I will think of next stage.”
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