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Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ballad Of Trayvon Martin | The Last Internationale


The Ballad of Trayvon Martin by The Last Internationale
come gather 'round friends
let me tell you a tale
of a young man whose name
we've come to know well

he was Trayvon Martin
only 17 years of age
another black kid murdered
in the ol' U S of A

you've seen it all before
the few who rise, the rest that fall
you know you've seen it all before
you say it's not your fight
It's not your war

on a February night
down in Florida state
at a retreat he was stayin'
they call the twin lakes
he made the mistake
to walk beyond the gates
where the timid reside
and for that he has died
with no rights and no trial
no chance to survive
he was just a child
until the killer arrived
put one in his chest
and you know what comes next
the jury acquits
betrays the blood that's been spilt
and somewhere a mother cries
with a void that can never be filled


George Zimmerman,
we'll always remember the name
as the one who killed
then walked without shame
a few you have fooled
for the case you have won
but the people know better
your judgement will come

some say he's just
a pawn in their game
yeah, you can say
that he's not to blame
but the one who pulled the trigger
is still free with his name
and without justice delivered
you can die just the same


from Nat Turner and Crazy Horse to Malcolm and King
Medgar Evers to Troy Davis and the countless unnamed
it's the same bullet, same system, same game
the same reason why Trayvon died in vain


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