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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Monster - Wrongful Conviction - by Joe Simnovec & Paul Paulin Video by J...

Lyrics by Joe Simnovec, music by Paul Paulin. A song for the wrongfully convicted, share this tune and support them. Hit "show more" for lyrics. Availiable on Itunes.


Stuck here in this place full of steel.
The money didn't get me no deal.
Time, this time the time is for real.
How could this be happening to me.
why why why why me?
I could not do that no not me.
You got the wrong guy don't you see?
I would not do that let me be
I told you the truth. Set me free.
no, no, no, no not me.
You, You were a bad boy
you're gonna do the time
you're lawyer wasn't good enough
jail time - a big fine.
your hairs to long, your clothes are too dirty
if it was up to me
I would give you more then thirty.
how do you think that we're gonna live?
We're gonna squeeze your money
your gonna have to give. When you're all dried up
we're gonna feel better.
If the systems at fault, you can always send a letter.
Help, I must be in a bad dream
and now, now you can see what I mean.
help, help, hell help me
Time passes so fast, I never felt so low.
Hope I'm gonna last, where did it all go?
I've been in this trap for so long.
How can we let the monster go on?
Don't forget me another day...
In the end we all have to pay.
free, free, free, free me.

Joseph Simnovec 2010

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