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Friday, 19 July 2013

Media Professionals, Educators, & Advocates

As an advocate for the wrongly convicted, I find that there is so little attention given to these men and women whose live have been turned upside down by overzealous judges, prosecutors, and other government officials.  The case in question and that I am current involved with is that of the IRP6. These 6 friends have received from the government a miscarriage of justice that is so blatant it could be seen by the blind.  Imagine this: You serve in the US Military, a Cadet at the US Air Force Academy, who wanted to be a pilot, but due to issues with your vision, was not able to complete that program. So you decide to complete your Master's Degree in Information Technology. Years later, you and a few friends, some who are also US Military veterans and formerly holding one of the highest military security clearances, embark upon a venture that came about as you stood in a NYC hotel room overlooking the empty lot where the Trade Towers stood before the 9/11 terror attacks.  Your desire to help protect your country is overwhelming; so you and these friends, who are also IT professionals decide to develop a software application called 'CILC' pronounced 'silk'. The software was demonstrated for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), New York Police Department (NYPD), Philly Police Department (PPD) and other law enforcement agencies.  All who were ready to engage in contracts with these 6 friends.  Upon finding out about DHS and PPD's interest in engaging in a contracts with these IT professionals, their business was raided by the FBI, forced closed and the men brought up on charges of mail and wire fraud. Now they are serving 7-11 years in a federal prison in Florence, Colorado. We feel these men should not have been brought up on false charges because the FBI worked together with IBM Corporation, as they have done many times before, to bring down their small business and steal their intellectual property. NOW, portions of the trial transcript that could exonerate these men, is missing and the judge nor the court reporter will release it.  How do they get a fair Appeals decision?  What is going on here?
Please read the current Press Releases of the IRP6 Wrongful Convictions.  A link for the case Narrative written by Dr. Alan Bean, Director, Friends of Justice from Tulia, Texas is also included. Dr. Bean was responsible for helping break the Jena 6 case in Louisiana.  Please contact me at (719)434-2402, (719)360-0577 or by return email for more information.  We are desperate to get their story into the National News channels as to shine a light on this grave miscarriage of justice and bring these innocent men home to their families.  Their children are suffering both mentally and physically from the drastic change that has occurred in their lives as a result of these convictions.

Thank you in advance to those of you who will read this and take action in helping get the media coverage needed, and also to those who read it and do nothing or who do not read it at all.

Respectfully submitted,

Ms. Ethel Lopez
VP, A Just Cause

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