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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Website Questions Sincerity Of Black Celebs In Trayvon Martin Case

Comparisons And Contrasts Stunning.Detroit, Michigan, USA (July 21, 2013) — The website http://www.operationblakkout.com has been erected to address the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin verdict. The website questions the sincerity of African American leadership and Black celebrities in their support of Trayvon Martin based on their previous actions in this area. Those leaders and celebrities represent the who’s who of Hip Hop and Black American leadership. The author of the website asserts that unless the issue of exploitive Black leadership and exploitive Black celebrities is addressed, it is impossible for such tragedies as the Trayvon Martin case to be stopped.
The website also poses direct questions and gives direct answers on the issues at the center of the trial. The author designed the site to do a comparison and contrast between Trayvon Martin, school shooters, terrorists, and cases that mirror the controversial Florida murder trial. The most controversial aspect of the site is the questions posed about America’s most notorious killers, and their treatment by the American Justice System. The website notes that a very similar verdict was reached in the case of a President Bill Clinton aide with disastrous results.
The website reaches the conclusion that the current efforts to stop and prevent Trayvon Martin cases will fail as they have for the past 30 years due the incompetence of present Black leadership and the fact that there is no actual plan to address the issue among these Black leaders. The website’s author calls for bold, innovative actions on a grand scale in order to address the huge problems affecting African Americans in this area. The website will release the specific plan of action the week of 21 July 2013.
Company Name: Detroit1st.com
Contact Person: Jerome Almon
Email: almonjer@gmail.com
Phone: 323-834-2372
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Country: United States
Website: http://www.Detroit1st.com

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