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Sunday, 28 July 2013

More Then Just A Survivor

I may not be the superhero that saves you in life, I won’t try to fix you and I don’t want to change you either, but I promise I will be there to remind you how beautiful, amazing and special you are, reminding you that you have come a long way in your life all ready, that you still have so much more waiting for you, and that it’s your courage and strength derived from everything you’ve been through that makes you the hero and inspiration you are to those around you for it’s the scars that you bear, the story of survival that you have to tell, the victories you’ve gained along the way from each battle fought, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the tragedies you’ve turned into a triumph that all ready make you such an incredible, beautiful person, the type of person the world needs more of, and the type of person that people like me greatly admire and respect. When those around you hear your story, when they see how far you have come, when they get the chance to know the real you and are blessed enough to have you as a part of their lives, you give them that hope and faith to keep holding on for it’s the people in this life that have emerged from rough backgrounds, who started with very little or nothing but yet found that strength and courage again to rise above it all, who fought back through the hard times, that inspire and motivate others in life on an even deeper level then they know for it shows the rest of us that we too can survive anything and that we too have in us more then what it takes to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. You are more then a survivor, you are a champion, a hero, a warrior, an angel, a friend, a teacher, an inspiration, and someone that others look up to and are inspired to be like.

Jenna Kandyce Linch
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