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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Report from Palestine Chronicles Sense of Crisis, Hope

We highly recommend this on-the-scene report from our own Matt Meyer of Resistance in Brooklyn.


Report from Palestine Chronicles Sense of Crisis, Hope

Walls Can Come Down

    We want everything, everything, everything

    Other men aspire to.

    What another's entitled to we're entitled to too.

    - lyric excerpt of "Everything," from The Rothschilds musical (Brock & Harnick, 1970)

There is an emergency in Palestine right this very moment, but most internationalists are too caught up in our own entitlements, our own misunderstood history based on Broadway mythologies and Western distortion, to act with the intensity that is warranted. Unless solidarity and struggle shifts into high gear fast, there may be no averting the tragedy already in the making - one on a scale which dwarfs what has come before. These are the thoughts that whirl through this author's head on traveling to the Middle East with my just-turned 13-year-old son, my daughter, and my partner.....

Free All Political Prisoners!

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