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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

California prison hunger strike: Online archive of interviews

Last night on WBAI/Pacifica Radio in New York (99.5 FM, wbai.org), there were two segments on the California prisoners' hunger strike against solitary confinement and abusive conditions, now in its 9th day. Both are available for listening or downloading through the station's online archive.
1. Building Bridges over WBAI radio, 99.5FM
with Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Mon., July 15, 2013, 7 - 8 pm EST
To download archived shows, go to: http://archive.wbai.org/show1.php?showid=bbridges              

Prison Inmates Hunger Strike for Their Lives
with Delores Canales, member of California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement (Cfasc),  Advisory Board of CURB (Californians United for a Responsible Budget) and LWSGI (Lives Worth Saving Gang Intervention), mother of a Pelican Bay SHU prisoner and Carol Strickman, attorney, Legal Services for Prisoners With Children, member of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition, member of the team mediating between the prison hunger strikers and prison authorities, and part of the litigation team in Ashker v. Brown, a case challenging solitary confinement in California prisons.

Nearly 29,000 inmates in California state prisons have refused meals during a protest of prison conditions and rules. The protest extended to two-thirds of the33 prisons across the state and all 4 private out-of-state facilities where California sends inmates.  Thousands of prisoners also refused to attend their
work assignments and state officials are bracing for a long-term strike.  The protest is centered on the state's aggressive solitary confinement practices, buthas attracted support from many prisoners with their own demands for changes in prison conditions.

2. Health Action (Mon., 11-11:30 PM)
Bob Lederer interviewed Dr. Nancy Arvold, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who volunteers with California Prison Focus and the Prisoners Hunger Strike Support Coalition. The Coalition supports the demands of prisoners in California Secure Housing Units and is committed to abolishing solitary confinement. Among the topics focused on were the mental health effects of solitary and how mental health professionals are organizing in support of the strike.
To listen to the archive of that 20-minute interview, go to:
Then scroll down to "Health Action, Monday, July 15, 2013 11:00 pm."
For more information and the latest updates on the hunger strike, go to http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com
For detailed background on issues of solitary confinement, go to http://www.solitarywatch.com


Free All Political Prisoners!

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