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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What Inmates are Costing $$$$$ North Carolinian’s

$$$$$ Due to the lack of knowledge, there are citizens who do not realize or even have a clue how much money $$$$$ the inmate population is costing taxpayers. Yes, they are in prison for breaking the law, but it is our responsibility to take care of them.
Let’s talk about some of these responsibilities. To begin with, let’s discuss medical issues. If medical issues such as being properly diagnosed or administering proper treatment are not handled at the facilities, it cost $$$$$. Doctors at facilities who at times order MRI’s or other major testing have to put in a request to the Pended Utilization Review Board (which at this time we do not know who is on the board or if there are Doctors on the board) in Raleigh that can take up to 6 months or longer for the ok to come back. In the meantime inmates can and do get sicker and may have to be taken to the nearest hospital, again this cost $$$$$. This occurs due to inmates not getting the proper medication as needed. Plus at times when the outside Doctors order certain things, the facilities take it upon themselves to not carry out what is ordered due to the cost $$$$$, etc. And Again, the inmate may have to be taken to an outside facility for emergency care $$$$$.
Next, let’s dialogue about inmate’s food. Food, by the way is an important issue. Most inmates care about how they are getting fed. Large populations of them have to deal with such concerns as how it is prepared. There are concerns mainly about their food being cooked properly and served hot. Inmates in solitary confinement complain that their food is always cold, even though food services says the carts are supposed to be plugged in so the food is hot at all times. However, the facilities don’t always follow procedures. The reason facilities do not follow the meal plan implemented by Food Services is because the facilities put the cost $$$$$ of the food before the inmates.
Inmates that are in solitary confinement are not allowed canteen, but according to NCDPS policy & procedure inmates in control status can purchase a radio, a watch, shower shoes, batteries, postage stamps, and over the counter medication. Yet, they are not allowed to purchase any drinks are eatable products, or packages from Union Supply Direct.
According to policy and procedure, food is not supposed to be used as punishment but lockup inmates are being denied canteen and the seasonal packages. These packages are paid for by family and friends, they do not affect the state’s budget at all neither does the canteen. As a matter of fact, inmate purchases from the canteen, contribute to the state. Could this possibly be considered a violation of inmates’ rights by withholding food from them? Is the punishment of being in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day the only consequence? Otherwise, why are the inmates on solitary confinement being violated by the withholding of certain foods? According to policy and procedure this shouldn’t be! Inmates are allowed to receive 4 packages per year in NC and most inmates order nothing but food. Seasonal packages on the contrary are considered a privilege; therefore inmates in any type of solitary confinement are not allowed to get these. We should take a closer look at the boundaries of this fine line that’s not very clear-cut to some—the state’s definition of a privilege verses an inmate being denied a right!
Additionally, there are numerous other concerns that our state has pertaining to the inmate population. I will briefly comment on a few more of them:
Dental care is another issue that can be costly $$$$$ to taxpayers. Here’s an example why, if an inmate has infection from his/her teeth and/or mouth, this can many times become a serious medical issue. $$$$$.
Air Conditioning and Heating cost more $$$$ when they are not properly maintained by facilities. With no working A/C, inmates can and do pass out due to having a heat stroke. Again, it becomes a medical issue and more $$$$$. Heating units that are not properly maintained can cause inmates to get sick too and become a medical issue, which means—more $$$$$.
Now in NY prison systems, families and friends are being allowed to purchase clothing, shoes, coats, socks, and toiletry items for inmates to help cut down the cost of up keep on the state. I believe NC should adopt this as well; our state needs inmates’ families and friends to be able to help more. What’s your opinion about that?

Mandy Beach
Spiritual Blessings today and always for you and yours.
Getting Answers 4 U (state inmate advocacy group)
Citizens Volunteering
P.O. Box 13334
Greensboro, NC 27405-6940

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