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Thursday, 25 July 2013


The tunnel is virtually unprotected (vehicles from passenger cars to trucks are allowed to enter the tunnel uninspected.   I am aware what it would take to bring down the tunnel and bridge due to my training in the Army and through my former father in law who worked for TACOM. It would be substantially worse than this recent real world disaster (http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/23/canada-floods-calgary-idUSL2N0EZ06M20130623). There is zero understanding of the dire consequences of NOT correcting this vulnerability among the civilian officials on any level, I am asking you to join me in PREACTING NOT REACTING on this issue before it is too late, which could be and second of any day (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/story/2012/07/12/wdr-windsor-detroit-tunnel-closed.html there have been at least 3 instances of explosive devices taken out of the tunnel and exploded by bomb techs). As you are likely aware, Ahmed Ressam had the tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge as a secondary target if he could not reach LAX on 1 January 2000. It is not if, but a definite when on this matter.
 My estimation on the deaths, physical destruction, and cost are:
-Dead: 40,000-100,000 dead (If it is international terrorist they will likely target GM HQ in addition to the bridge and tunnel, which sits at the mouth of the tunnel).
-Loss of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Ambassador Bridge, GM HQ, and the city of Detroit.
-Economic losses would be at least 10X 9/11 in long term losses ($1 trillion was lost in the stock market alone in the 10 days following the attack).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Qbok1kEJk&feature=youtu.be (1:00 in gives you an idea of how devastating it will be, the opening is deliberately blurry to avoid giving terrorists info.) I have warned of this since 911 including the owners of the tunnel, DHS, and the Canadian PM and Transport Minister have written me over it.This concerns your story on the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel's bankruptcy-there is a larger issue-what if the tunnel is blown? As this video shows it would make the floods of Calgary, Super Storm Sandy, and Hurricane Katrina look like Spring drizzles. (It would cost $10K to blow a hole in the tunnel which would pour 1 million gallons of water per minute into downtown Detroit/Windsor and cost $200K to bring down the bridge.) Coincidentally, I talked to CSIS last week about this issue, with Detroit on its knees financially, and attack on the tunnel would kill the city-literally.

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