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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

When democracy came to Parliament Square on a tarpaulin.

A letter a day to number 10. No 890

Tuesday 21 October 2014. When democracy came to Parliament Square on a tarpaulin.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

This past few days have been astonishing, so astonishing that I confess I have never seen anything like it before. The overwhelming Police force sent to quell democracy in Parliament Square should bring a shudder and cry of horror to the entire nation. The intimidation and brutality of the Police inflicted on such a precious few people is a sight that should never, ever, have been seen in this green and sceptred (now septic) land.

Who could have guessed the absolute level of threat democracy presents to your government and corporate interests?

Last night the few put out a cry for support as the Police attacked them, hurting two personal friends, standing over them in case they nodded off from exhaustion, and shouting them awake saying that falling asleep was illegal in Parliament Square. I told both friends to make sure they photographed their injuries. They told me they would but couldn't share any pictures as they didn't want to display their breasts in public. Think about that, Mr Cameron, think very, very hard about what that means! Injuries sustained from your thugs!

The Battle of the Tarpaulin will go down in British history as the battle for democracy and a dry arse against overwhelming and brutal force.

Printed material has been banned and destroyed and, as I wrote yesterday, a man was detained and told by the Police, "You are not allowed to display written material in this place".

Really, Mr Cameron, this is a level of cowardice never seen before in this place. This is as craven as it is vicious. This is Britain today, right now. This is the brutal regime you are the parliamentary head of, this is your call and it is a call found wanting in every democratic, humane and humanitarian way.

Those thugs are your thugs sent to crush the voices of the people in the heartland of the nations parliament. Small wonder you want to trash our human rights when even 50 people meeting peacefully to talk about democracy are mercilessly attacked.

Shame on the Police, shame on you and shame on the corporatocracy that has stolen power and parliament from the people and dominates this nation today. If you have even one ounce of decency left in you, call your bloody dogs off Mr Cameron!





 — in Peasedown Saint John, Bath And North East Somerset, United Kingdom.

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