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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Police Hoax: Please Join Us at Palestine Event

Palestine/Ferguson event is happening tonight Sat Oct 11 at 5:30 at Shabazz Center/Audubon Ballroom. Email sent out about its cancellation is a Police Hoax!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 5:30PM:

M1, Ramona Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Glenn Ford, Nancy Mansour, Rebel Diaz, Bassem Tamimi and more. See details below. At the historic Audubon Ballroom.


Mumia Abu Jamal and Ramona Africa are key elements of the program. Both are survivors of vicious state campaigns to take their lives. Ramona is the only adult survivor of the Philadelphia police department's massive bombing of the MOVE house and neighborhood in 1985 which left 11 people dead, and 61 homes destroyed. Who better to speak about terrorism, US policies, and police brutality? Mumia Abu Jamal has been incarcerated since 1981, spending over 30 years on death row as part of a frame up for a  murder that he did not commit. From prison he has used his voice and his pen to become one of the consistent and uncompromising voices for justice, garnering world wide support for his freedom and the end of mass incarceration. Mumia will call in from prison to discuss the centrality of Palestine in the Black liberation movement. Glen Ford, executive director of BlackAgendaReport.com has been a longstanding advocate of Black-Palestinian solidarity and has been a leading critical voice about Black politicians uncritical support of Israel.

Nancy Mansour will report back from her recent trip to the West Bank where she has been an eye witness activist and journalist reporting on Gaza. Through her connections with grassroots activists, the audience will be able to hear from people on the ground. Through skype, we will  hear from Hamdi Abu Rahma, an activist and photo journalist who goes out every Friday and protests the "settlement"/colony near his village of Bil'in and chronicles the violent responses; and Yasser Qous who heads the African Community Society in Jerusalem and will discuss the challenges faced by Afro-Palestinians. Gabi Lazaro will detail Existence is Resistance's political work around Palestinian liberation.Students for Justice in Palestine and Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) campus struggles will be represented by Nerdeen Moshen, student activist at CUNY. Tahani Salah and  will bring the heat with their fiery spoken word and Michael Modermo from Adalah-NY will discuss the NY campaign to boycott Israel.

Carlito Roviro, former member of the Young Lords Party, will link Puerto Rican liberation with anti-colonialism and Palestinian liberation. Hip Hop artists M1 (who traveled to Gaza in 2009), Rebel Diaz (who have vocally supported the call for BDS and one member, RodStarz, traveled to Ferguson in the wake of Mike Brown's murder and met with his family) and Mazzi (has traveled to Palestine since 2009 to work with youth in refugee camps) will perform along with Bomba Yo, who will provide an example of the unique drumming, singing and dancing that reflects Puerto Rico's African roots.

Nancy Mansour, Eye-Witness in person reporting from Palestine
Mumia Abu Jamal, imprisoned journalist and former Black Panther
Bassem Tamimi, Palestinian Activist Against the Illegal Settlements. Arrested close to a dozen times, detained with charge for years, and tortured to the point of paralysis.
Glen Ford, executive editor of BlackAgendaReport.com
Ramona Africa, survivor of the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia
Calling in from the West Bank:
Hamde Abu Rahma , Palestinian photo-journalist, activist and author
Yasser Quos, Executive Manager, African Community Society


Free All Political Prisoners!

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