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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fury and loathing in the UK.

A letter a day to number 10. No 899

Thursday 30 October 2014. Fury and loathing in the UK.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

On a day when a story breaks on the BBC about the Swiss contract children or child slavery as it should be called, UNICEF reports that 1 in 4 children in Britain are living in poverty. "The UNICEF report also ranked the UK 25th on a child poverty league table of 41 developed nations for allowing the effects of the international economic crisis to hurt vulnerable households."

The tragedy in Switzerland began in the 1850's and continued into the late 20th Century. I have said many times that despite our modern sophistication (which actually means adulterated and less than natural) and technological advancement we are still plagued with barbarity and cannot yet be considered to have generally emerged as humane creatures.

You are to be congratulated, only in the darkest perverted sense, at the success of your war on the poor. You clearly take pride in it and, despite all advice, information and intervention (UN, Red Cross, UNICEf, Trussell Trust, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and others, including me), you are pursuing your policies of hardship mercilessly.

In Switzerland as here, it must be noted that this is systemic, top down, abuse and barbarity. Your government of feudal throwbacks, which even the Torygraph described as, "patronising those at the bottom and disabling those in the middle who might constitute a threat to the power of those at the top", are the ravening beasts of predatory aristocracy.

Your presumption is astounding, the very last people to dictate to and tell the poor how to live are the historic predators of the poor, those with a vested interest in maintaining the subjugation and slavery of ordinary people for your own benefit.

Last but not least in this tale of larceny by the privileged, special mention must go to the lap dogs, the lackeys and brownnosers, to power, of which Iain Duncan Smith is indisputably one, because such people can be relied upon to be the most vindictive and most vicious in the service of power. He it was who called us 'Stock!' Privilege and the pursuit of privilege is pure filth!










 — in Peasedown Saint John, Bath And North East Somerset, United Kingdom.

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