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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Documentary / Im Mario Romero

HK Films & Photography presents a documentary film directed by Kareem Gedra. 

This film is a inside look at how one family has been struggling to cope with the murder of their loved one, while they are still trying to bring the killer to justice, and bring national attention to a very nasty cover-up.
Mario Romero was brutally killed by the Vallejo Police Department. The Vallejo Police Officers admit they Never identified themselves , Never asked for Driver's License, Insurance or registration instead they were told to raise their hands at the same time they were fired upon with brutal force that mirrored the actions of the Nazi's .Round after round was reloaded into the clip as witness screamed for the officers to spare the lives of these two innocent men who police continued to spray their car with bullets living out a scene from a video game , Jumping upon the hood of the car of the men who they were supposedly threatened by.

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