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Saturday, 11 October 2014

People For Schapelle Corby

Ten years ago today Schapelle Corby was arrested for a crime she knew nothing about. She was innocent, and her own government knew she was innocent. Over the next ten years, her human rights were repeatedly and systematically abused, and her family was smeared and vilified.

In February of this year, she was released on parole, but she is not free. She must remain in Bali until the middle of 2017, where she is illegally gagged. If she speaks to the media and exposes the truth, she will be imprisoned. Her human right to free speech has been revoked, again with the wholehearted support of her own government.

Meanwhile, the media haunt her every step, harassing her, fabricating, and seeking to create problems for her with the Indonesian authorities. They chase her with cameras whenever she emerges from her home, and back in Australia, they fabricate, they lie and they censor.

Back in 2004, little was known about what was going on in the corridors of power. It took a monumental effort by a tiny handful of people to discover what really happened in her case. Thousands upon thousands of FOI documents were obtained, and clinically analysed over a period of years.

The truth turned out to be more horrendous than anyone could possibly have imagined. Ministers in Canberra, and the AFP, held the proof of her innocence: but they suppressed it. They actually had the facts at their fingertips, and they hid them.

Who says so?

THEY do. It is in their OWN correspondence. They actually discussed it, in writing.

Then, they watched Schapelle Corby being destroyed, in silence.

In 2011, this was all published, online. The correspondence itself was uploaded. A documentary was also made to explain it in simple terms.

It is here: www.expendable.tv

What happened after these shocking and incontrovertible materials were published online? Nothing. The Australian media censored it all, and continue to do so.

It is right there in black and white: ministerial correspondence and transcripts which are self-evident in damning those criminal politicians responsible. But the most cowardly and grotesque media in the world will not publish or broadcast any of it.

Australia's media isn't just in the gutter, it is in the sewer. It is controlled by a tiny handful of corrupt power-hungry men, and it employs an arrogant mob of back-slapping self-interest rabble. It produces smear instead of news. It publishes lurid fabricating headlines, instead of exposing proven and fundamental facts.

This is a media that not only fails to defend the integrity of a terminally flawed democracy, it actively partakes in its destruction. Its repugnant employees have no soul, and no conscience.

Australia's dirty little secret therefore remains hidden. The guilty of Canberra remain unpunished. The victim continues to be persecuted.

What happened to Schapelle Corby on 8th October 2004 shames two nations. It was horrific. Equally horrific is that it could happen again, any time, to anyone, because the truth will not be faced.

However, it will not be buried either, because Schapelle Corby has had a courage, dignity and strength which shines like a beacon against the backdrop of self-serving corruption and cowardice.

She has stood tall amongst the pygmies who have sought to destroy her.

She has survived, through the trauma of indescribable unimaginable suffering, maintaining her innocence and speaking truth, whatever they have done to her.

She is not alone, and never will be. We will stand by her, and her courageous family, and will continue to take the truth to the world.

One day, the world will hear, and the truth will be exposed. When it is, it will change Australia for ever, and the burden of pain which still hangs over Schapelle Corby will be lightened.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall - think of it, always” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

People For Schapelle Corby

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