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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OpSafeWinter 2014 #OpSafeWinter Anonymous

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Greetings we are Anonymous.
We come to you once again to ask for your help in making the lives of those less fortunate more
In times like these when it seems humanity, tolerance and peace is hard to find, it falls to us the
ordinary citizens of this planet to show there is still love, compassion and respect left in the world.

Operation Safewinter was and still is about caring first and helping second. A kind word, the
willingness to listen and even a smile can change a persons day, but a blanket, some warm clothes
or even a sandwich can change a persons life.

We ask you to help us help those who are suffering the most in our societies, we do not ask for
donations of money, just donations of time.

The Operation Safewinter mission is in three phases.
Phase 1. To build an interactive map showing the locations of shelter, soup kitchens, advice centres
etc worldwide. This phase has already begun, but we need your help. List the resources in your
town or city and send it to us. Use the map to know where these places are locally and pass on this

Phase 2. Encourage volunteer units to help gather blankets and clothing to be distributed out to
those that need them most. Using the map, work with already established groups in your areas to
help even if its just an hour per week. Make sandwiches, cakes and hand out food parcels. Bottles of
water are most important.
Phase 3. To save just one life this winter, to make the day better for just one person. To work
together and show that even though it seems the world is out of control with respect, love and
compassion that we as citizens of this planet still have our humanity.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Operation Safewinter re-engaged.
Expect us.

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