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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Terrance Bowman-Taylor : 10/27/14 Medical Updates.

nal staff the legal right to ignore his  medical conditions and cause him to suffer.

Terrance has a lump under his left arm (arm pit) & dark stripes under his thumb nails and medical staff refuses to send Terrance for a biopsy to verify if this is cancer or an allergic reaction.  He was advised that the dark stripes under his thumb nails may be some form of cancer but the doctor refused to have this tested.  A few other health issues that  Terrance has are:

  • Cervical Neuropathy caused by bone spurs
    on right side of spine

  • Cervical Spinal Canal Stenosis caused by
    herniated disk at C2, C3, C4 levels pressing on spine from left side

  • Lumbar Neuropathy caused by herniated
    disk pinching nerve in lumbar spine

  • Nerve Damage affecting the right side of
    his body, causing muscle atrophy; weakness in arms, shoulders & legs; acute
    pain, numbness in neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, arm, hand, right leg
    & foot

  • Dextroscoliosis of Thoracic Spine

Contact Information

People to contact on Terrance behalf, Thank you in advance.

Terri Catlett - Secretary of Health Services

Dr. Paula Smith - Chief of Health Services

Eleanor Kinnaird - Attorney, Ex-Senator

Dept. of Public Safety Division of Adult Corrections
fax: 919-838-3871

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