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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Torture is illegal

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Torture is illegal, it's a crime. However in the City of Chicago men were taken to police stations and tortured with electro shock box, with a cattle proud, some raped with a unknown object, smacked, kicked, punched, having their genitals and testicles grabbed, connected to an electrical shock box, all called racial epithets by Chicago Police detectives.

How do I know this? At age 16 it occurred to me when I was taken to area three violate crime unit. My genitals were tortured while I was called Little nigger boy by alcoholic cop John McCann. I served 28 years inside a Illinois prison before my conviction and sentence was overturned. Released At 44 years old I fight hard to exposed injustice. Some events I cannot attend, but I believe that our fight in life dictate who we are...integrity or disgrace.

Not a single cop has been charged with the tortures under Jon Burge nor any cop that worked under Burge command. Today their are over 100 Burge torture victims inside Illinois State prisons. Courts remain to be bias and unreasonable toward the men as they seek hearings on their claim of torture. We must stand for righteousness through our support for the victims of police torture and crimes that have men incarcerated such as Howard Morgan and Johnny Plummer who was 15 years old when tortured to confess to a crime he never committed.

Mark A. Clements

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