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Monday, 31 March 2014

Waikiki Child/Teen Protective Law Campaign, April 1-19, 2014

Join The Hitting Stops Here! and AZ Op! in Waikiki and downtown Honolulu locations during a 19-day, 24/7 campaign for preserving "legislative protective needs" of citizens under 18 beginning, April 1-19, 2014 (http://youtu.be/D6JwEgEHoS8). 

Two main purposes:
To raise awareness of the 19 US states where American educators (US government-funded employees) may beat and sexually assault (www.christianpost.com/news/8th-grader-s­panked-teacher-set-off-sexual-assault-in­vestigation-texas-woman-43-faces-charges­-video-116759) pre-school through GED adult education students under their authority.

To have USA/UK Child Protective Services (CPS) "legalized-kidnappings" exposed, abolished and replaced with authentic services for protecting needy children, teens and infants.

Are you a parent? Guardian? Concerned citizen?

Today's citizens under 18 are counting on your taking responsible actions that will preserve their human and civil rights. Let us not leave them behind in a world that is insufferable and where they are powerless to effectively seek life, liberty and happiness in their adult years. 

Apathy, indifference and complacency regarding "legislative protective needs" of citizens under 18 within adults surrounding this class of citizens, are their greatest enemies.

Learn more and how to help: SafeChildEnvironmentS@gmail.com, 800.515.9216, www.TheHittingStopsHere.com

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