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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Afghan Mona Lisa

I am humbled to observe the Afghan Mona Lisa page as a social network converging and forming a sense of community-hood. The importance of everyday topics which is discussed here has transformed this space, not only for me as a writer but for the page members and spectators. What started as an awareness project for cultural characteristics of the Afghan community, has now renovated to a social network that is adapting and changing on a regular basis in accordance to its sense of identity formed by the community of followers. The space for creativity to grow and flourish has transformed The Afghan Mona Lisa Page into a “living system” where learning and open flow of knowledge is adapting to its inherent nature. The synthesis between individuals from various nations around the world, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, India to Norway and Russia, has created a shared space where various perspectives and knowledge is shared as a collective community. The Afghan Mona Lisa has transitioned into a “breathing space” where we are all respected as a “Global Clan”, ultimately belonging to one family, promoting the Oneness of our shared values to the world through the medium of technology and social networking. I am delighted to be growing and learning from such a rich community and feel honored to be a part of such a dynamic and live community.
I like to thank all those who take the initiative to speak up, join our dialogues and continue to circulate our work and inform others via our posts.
With deep gratitude,

The Afghan Mona Lisa

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