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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mentally Ill Marine Vet Baked at Riker's Island: AP Blew the Cover-up

There was a time when I thought we could negotiate a confidential settlement regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. I assumed the government and The Cochran Firm would not want it known that a mentally ill heart patient who was a U.S. citizen was killed and his survivors were defrauded by a law firm carrying Johnnie Cochran's name. We initially believed Larry's death was accidental. Not only was Larry Neal's death NOT accidental, but authorities do not seem to mind if the whole world knows that mentally and physically disabled Americans are secretly jailed and killed and that such deaths are covered up. It happens regularly. Apparently, it happened to Jerome Murdough.

Jerome Murdough was a 56-year-old mentally challenged veteran who was BAKED to death in Riker's Island in February 2014, but his family was not told for weeks. Finally, AP notified Murdough's family, not prison authorities or his attorney. The prison reportedly informed Murdough's state-appointed attorney three days after his demise. Perhaps officials and the lawyer had agreed that Murdough's family must never to be told about their relative slow-roasting to death in a Riker's Island prison cell.

Like Larry Neal, Jerome Murdough had suffered numerous previous arrests due to his mental illness before his fatal incarceration. It is likely that officials had contact information for Murdough's relatives in his file. But officials withhold information about mentally ill citizens' deaths sometimes to spare themselves bad publicity and save money on wrongful death lawsuits. That is why AIMI recommends that families physically search jails when looking for missing loved ones. Merely calling authorities and filing a missing person report are insufficient, as police lied when Larry Neal was "missing" for 18 days in 2003. He was secretly incarcerated throughout that time. Larry died in Memphis Shelby County Jail, deprived of his heart medications and likely because of other inexcusable abuses of power. The Neals were NEVER told the circumstances of Larry Neal's death, and we are censored and persecuted for asking.

If not for AP contacting Murdough's relatives, Murdough might have been "missing" forever and presumed dead. That was the likely plan. If only The Cochran Firm had not pretended (under contract) to handle Larry Neal's wrongful death and negligence civil actions, the Neals would have contacted media companies much sooner than WE DID to notify the public about Larry's secret murder. The Cochran Firm swore us to silence immediately regarding Larry's death, which we did not recognize at the time as being a coldblooded, premeditated murder. By the time we discovered The Cochran Firm had secretly withheld our lawsuits while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran, nearly a year had passed, and mainstream media had obviously agreed to withhold reports about the "wrongful death of Larry Neal" (Google it). That is still the case today. As odd as it seems, Murdough's mom and sister (pictured below) are lucky. They do not have to investigate and report Murdough's death themselves. See links to reports about Jerome Murdough by AP and Mother Jones.

Mother Jones reports: 

(1) The United States operate 1,800 prisons and 3,000 jails. Like Alcatraz, they aren't about rehabilitation. They're about punishment.

(2) 80,000 people are held in solitary confinement every year.

(3) As many as half of all sexual assaults in prisons are carried out by prison guards.

(4) One fourth of the people incarcerated on Earth are incarcerated in the United States.

(5) We have 2.3 million Americans behind bars . . . they’re held at ADX Florence, Pelican Bay, and Rikers Island, where an inmate recently baked to death in his cell. Baked to death.

Rikers Island is the nation’s second-largest jail system with 12,000 inmates. A whopping 40 percent are mentally ill, and a third of them suffer from serious mental problems.

Jerome Murdough was arrested after seeking shelter from harsh weather in New York in February. The meds he was administered for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia made the former Marine more susceptible to heat. One can only hope that Murdough was asleep as he slow-roasted in a solitary jail cell at Riker's.


Mother Jones: America's Worst Prison Closed 51 Years Ago. Except It Didn't

Condolences to Murdough's family and close friends. Hundreds of thousands of people of all races and ages who were labeled as being mentally ill were roasted in Nazi ovens before WWII. Our apologies for taking so long to decriminalize mental illness in the USA and give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Our messages to the public and politicians are censored. Human rights advocates at AIMI hope that more care is applied in the future to ensure the safety of America's most vulnerable citizens and that victims and survivors are given due process instead of cover-ups when the system fails.

Citizen: One who by birth or naturalization owes a debt of loyalty to a country and is due protection BY that country (certain exemptions apply). Murdough showed his loyalty to the USA by enlisting in the military, but his protection as a homeless veteran was missing in action. Larry's family shows loyalty by enlisting in military service and paying taxes; however, we were told by federal court order that whatever was done to prevent lawsuit against Shelby County Jail was "immaterial." Certain exemptions apply no matter who is in the White House or over the Justice Department. 
http://dogjusticeformentallyill.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/mentally-ill-marine-vet-baked-at-rikers.htmlMary Neal, director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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