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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frankie Porter

In 1991, Frankie Porter was involved in a series of restaurant robberies. He along with several other companions were charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. Dubbed by the media as the "Cooler-Bandits", they were convicted and sentenced to centuries in prison. No none was injured in any of their crimes. Frankie was sentenced, at age 19, to 228-528 years in prison. At the time of his sentencing, Ohio had not established any sentencing guidelines. It is our hope and prayer that this web-endeavor will not only help to "free" Frankie but will bring awareness, enlighten and educate our society to rectify unjust prison sentencing. For more information about Frankie and his case go to http://freefrankieporter.com

CLEMENCY FOR FRANKIE PORTER! Governor Kasich please commute the 200-500 sentence for Frankie Porter to the 23 years of time that he has served.

The Cooler Bandits

The Cooler Bandits is a feature length documentary film which follows the lives of Frankie, Donovan, Charlie and Poochie, four friends in Akron, Ohio, who as teens in 1991 committed a series of restaurant robberies and received stiff sentences of up to 500 years in prison. Caught up in the wave of over sentencing, mass incarceration and a system designed to brand criminals felons for life this film documents their personal journeys of survival, redemption and reintegration into society.

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