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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

PC Blakelock murder trial Nicky Jacobs Not Guilty False witnesses embarrassment to Police

Protests continue outside Old Bailey shout out details from hearing which condemn use of witness who is cousin to previous witness. Trial has already exposed witnesses as lying and receiving too many benefits. Money from Police such as payments up to 5000, football matches, air fares and other benefits whilst on the dole and evidence in court that he stated "not doing nothing for nothing".

The Trial of Broadwater Farm Riot Murder has now been a complete embarrassment to the British Government. Exposure of these terrible corrupt details resulted in the British Media almost abandoning the hearing midway as the witness did not hide these facts. Now his cousin is claiming he saw Nicky Jacobs kill which protestors have said would of been impossible unless he has eyes to see through concrete and round the corner especially as he had signed an original document during previous investigation he was at home at the time of the killing stayed at home and saw nothing. In addition the witness is a former heroin addict who after 24 years is only now making a Police statement and cousin to previous witness who has just disgraced the hearing and made a mockery of the Police reduced to inducing him to the point he felt he had an open cheque and could request them to pay his rent.

The case has long collapsed and should have been dismissed and is only now relying on flying headlines by the British Media to incite and deceive the British Public into believing a genuine Trial and case is being conducted and slur and slander Nicky Jacobs. It has turned into a comedy and mockery of the British Legal system unworthy of public monies and clearly provided enough evidence already of Nicky Jacobs innocence. Police stand in the dock looking extremely uncomfortable with heads hung as forced to reiterate and continue down the lies from the past rather than tell the truth and get into a terrible mess with messy witnesses when they could of conducted a professional and genuine investigation into his death which if their had stopped persecuting and lynching the community in the corrupt manner would of received co-operation to resolve the murder genuinely a long time ago as Protestors and members of the community openly apologized to the Family and sympathized with their loss but reminded that all of this and the Riots was triggered with the Police causing the death of a Black women Cynthia.

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