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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tories, top down, authoritarian, dictatorial, punitive and toxic.

A letter a day to number 10. No 688.

Fiday 21 March 2014. Tories, top down, authoritarian, dictatorial, punitive and toxic.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I must congratulate you and, I suspect, Lynton Crosby in particular, for the Osborne/Murdoch/Sun budget, as the success of failure of that strategy is about all you will have going for you at the next general election. Without the deferential vote of the working class you Tories would probably have less political clout than my bear, Mr Suggs. Whilst he is unashamedly a stuffed bear, he's far more political savvy than Grant Shapps, who Tweeted yesterday, '#budget2014 cuts bingo & beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.'

This isn't the first time Shapps has held forth in public like a rusted blunderbuss, but I do wish one of you would spare us the cringes and tell the man to look up 'patronising'. He's a walking, talking political and social ignoramus.

A budget of grand deception based on lies, spin and cheap bribery is a sad reflection on the kind of people who make up your party and the short comings of a self centred, narcissistic, private education, but, as my mother often reminded me, you've made your bed, so you're just going to have to lie in it.

There is, however, one aspect of your treatment of the people of this country that I particularly want to draw attention to today.

The development into adulthood of every fortunate fully functioning human being necessarily involves maturing from dependence into becoming self determining. It's a perfectly natural process necessary for growth and without which people are emotionally and psychologically harmed.

What your government has done, and in particular Iain Duncan Smith, is to turn the social safety net upside down, which far from enabling, supporting and sustaining people, has become, top down, authoritarian, dictatorial, punitive and toxic to all those who, for whatever reason, are in need of its support, either temporarily or long term.

The least able have been particularly targeted, those who may never become self determining, in the closing of Remploy factories, putting 1,700 disabled people out of work. Since then the dictatorial punitive approach has spread ever wider, now five times more sanctions are imposed than the number of people actually finding jobs. In fact the findings are that the privatised work programme is performing worse than if the government had done nothing, the only expansion has been in the ever increasing imposition of punitive sanctions.

The truth is that Osborne is not fit to be Chancellor, IDS is not fit to be in charge of the DWP, Gove is not fit to be in charge of Education, Hunt is not fit to be in charge of Health, Lansley is not fit to be in charge of Justice and you are not fit to be Prime Minister and it is my fervent hope that we will be shot of the lot of you before 2015.


 — inPeasedown Saint John.

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