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Saturday, 8 March 2014

IDS, no time for ordinary people.

A letter a day to number 10. No 676.

Sunday 09 March 2014. IDS, no time for ordinary people.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I had the privilege to join a protest outside Bath Jobcentre yesterday, the day Iain Duncan Smith came to town. At about 11:50 a Range Rover came barrelling down the road and shot into the underground car park, narrowly missing several people. He had arrived; at least, I presume so, as no one saw hide nor hair of him.

Quite what he had come to do remains a mystery to me. Bath is one of the Jobcentres trying out Universal Credit, although ‘universal cock up and oppression’ would better describe it. What had he come to do, personally deliver sanction targets for Bath or to give a pep talk to Jobcentre staff, who have the unenviable task of persecuting people on his behalf?

This country is seeing unprecedented levels of protest, which is also the case globally, coupled with a craven refusal to listen to the just concerns of those affected most by the bankers debacle and subsequent political oppression of ordinary people under the guise of austerity.

Iain Duncan Smith's bone headed determination to press on with his draconian oppression of ordinary people, treating them as targets and stripping them of all human dignity, is typical of the actions of your government, a government who can't hear and won't hear. We are not so much a client base as callously treated victims of Tory misanthropy, who lavish care only on their own and have disdain and contempt for all others.

Universal credit as an IT project is unique; no one has attempted such a project before. I am not sure that the whiz kids of Silicon Valley could pull off such a project, in the hands of IDS and the DWP it could be likened to giving out typewriters to a bunch of apes, you might hope for the works of Shakespeare but they are unlikely in the extreme to produce them.

The departure of IDS, along with Freud and McVey, is long overdue, and will doubtless be as ignominious as his departure from the Jobcentre yesterday, creeping out the backdoor and scuttling off in the most craven fashion. It will be an unfitting and unjust end for someone who has caused so much misery and despair. I am sure he'll get a knighthood but a garrotte would be more appropriate.


— in Peasedown Saint John.

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