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Sunday, 6 October 2013

too many times

too many times

too many times
i have stood in the way
of my bounty,
my blessings.

i erected barricades across the Highways
to protect my by ways
and i still am unfortunately
too vigilant

to many times
my reconciliation, peace and harmony
was not embraced
as i should have
simply because i remembered

i held on to things
that were too old to feel
and i kept them stored
in my inner child’s closet
dreading their sight
but i have the key
don’t i

too many times
i have chosen to walk
instead of flying
while vying to do so
crazy isn’t it
that dichotomous
self destructive River
we choose to swim in
so that we feel liberated
while going with the flow
like everyone else.

too many times
i have turned my head
from the light
and without
and clung to my doubt
of turning my head
that i may see
the way for me
that i knew was always there

too many times
i expressed a sorrow
in lieu of my joy
knowing it is all my choice
to voice my thoughts
into life
I Am the prefect
of this course of mine
and it was i
who chooses not to shine
not the world
the people in it
but i

too many times
i made excuses for my lethargy
excuses for not exercising
my potential
excuses for living the lesser
knowing full well
i was capable of much, much more
i lived my reason
within shadows
instead of searching
and acknowledging the power
i have
to open my Soul,
my Heart,
my Mind,
my Eyes

too many times
i offered irreverence
instead of obeisance
and gratitude
for this gift
i, u, we
this is not a test
is it
as we visit dreams
instead of being them
that is the quest
one should pursue
i am
how about you ?

too many times
i have stood in the way
of my bounty,
my blessings.

and now i tire
for there are far too many
too many times,
and now is the time
for but 1 time
and that is NOW !!!!

© 5 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

World Healing ~ World Peace
Poetry 2014

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