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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Prison Analogies

Prison Analogies Often / Most times, we, are “Self”, imprisoned. Usually by our thought processes, but hardly ever by our intent. Intent is usually of a virtuous make up. It is often our lack of faith in the manifestations of our intent that leads us to either “sow” our own seeds of “doubts” and “insecurities”. Also we graciously allow others, such as “Friends”, “Family” and “Strangers” to do the same. Doubts and Fears are naught but a “Veil of Darkness” we consent to or assist to shroud the light of our “Dreams”, “Aspirations” and “Intents”! So, when i say we are “Self Imprisoned” . . . One truism about life is that “Life” is a result of our choices. We must accept the responsibility of our lives. We can either suffer the effects of our choices or embrace the “Joys”! When we do not assertively chose, we are still in charge . . . choosing. We are choosing “not to choose”! When we do this we are allowing this manifestation that is not of our own selection, and yet we are imprisoned once more. Another consideration about c choices and “Self Imprisonment”, we also become “Slaves” to our Goals and Aspirations, do we not? A pretty “Paradoxical” consideration and place to “BE”! So, the question is, how do we avoid this state of “BE”ing i am calling”Prison”? . . . that which is confining and limited in nature? I got it! Stop Building Walls ! Blessed Be Bill © August 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr. Below is a Poem i wrote some time ago about this topic. Enjoy and FEED BACK. What is your prison ? my prison i have erected four walls that i call my jail for inside my walls i can not fail outside of my box in traps i am caught they tempt me to see if my soul can be bought my prison is safe by my own design my light’s filtered in and my truths are sublime outside of my door there is my own guard no one may enter without their love card i am safe in my world and the risks are few why i stay here i have not a clue but some day i’ll leave and that day is soon for i hear my heart’s piper playing Pan’s tune so i’ll open that door and then i will see a bigger prison built especially for me so how do i escape how can i be free there is but One answer and that is to “BE” . . . stop building walls “before Peace, Love and Freedom can manifest itself in the World we must first allow it to manifest with in our Self” 
(c) 2008 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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