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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Occupy the Courthouse (2)

By Iam Luz's Daughter
Tuesday, 19 November 201308:30 until 11:30 in ESTOn October 4, 2013, court was adjourned because the State claimed that they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed. They claimed the case against alleged suspect, Paris Wilson, may be one of mistaken identity: there was a look-alike on the scene. Authorities are still “vetting” the evidence but suggest the case may be dismissed all together if “more” information isn’t attained.

These statements are not consistent with the original reports. Initially, cops stated when they arrived on the scene they had to pull Paris Wilson “off of Islan Nettles” who was already unconscious. If it wasn’t “Wilson” they “pulled” off of Nettles - then who was it? Did they pull someone else off Nettles? Who was he? Later, it was reported that Paris Wilson’s mother had “coerced” one of her son’s friends (also there the night Islan was attacked) into the precinct to confess to the brutal beating. That person claimed to be too drunk to remember the said events. Was the mother charged for this attempt to coerce a confession? Were each of the eight men who descended on Nettles (and her friend) questioned about the attack the night of the attack or was the follow up done the by police days later? It was days later! It has also been speculated that one of Islan Nettles friends with her that fatal night is under protective custody! WHY?

The inability to proceed is excuses for an insufficient investigation immediately after the attack. It is imperative that we UNITE & demand the perpetrator is brought to justice! Let your voice be heard. TRANS LIVES MATTER!!!

NOTE: This is a Peace Rally. We want all attendees to be safe from harm’s way AND be HEARD. Remember to bring banners, Rainbow flags, Posters, Flyers in support of Islan Nettles and ALL Trans People who have not received justice in NYC!! Also, mounting to wooden or metal sticks is not allowed in NYC.

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