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Saturday, 19 October 2013

If you see it…report it!!! We are ALL mandated reporters under the law.

If you see it...report it!!! We are ALL mandated reporters under the law.
Physical abuse signs and symptoms
*Unexplained injuries, such as bruises, fractures or burns
*Injuries that don’t match the given explanation
*Untreated medical or dental problems
Sexual abuse signs and symptoms
*Sexual behavior or knowledge that’s inappropriate for the child’s age
*Pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection
*Blood in the child’s underwear
*Statements that he or she was sexually abused
*Trouble walking or sitting
*Abuse of other children sexually
Emotional abuse signs and symptoms
*Delayed or inappropriate emotional development
*Loss of self-confidence or self-esteem
*Social withdrawal
*Headaches or stomachaches with no medical cause
*Avoidance of certain situations, such as refusing to go to school or ride the bus
*Desperately seeks affection
Neglect signs and symptoms
*Poor growth or weight gain
*Poor hygiene
*Lack of clothing or supplies to meet physical needs
*Taking food or money without permission
*Eating a lot in one sitting or hiding food for later
*Poor record of school attendance
*Lack of appropriate attention for medical, dental or psychological problems, even though the parents have been notified
*Emotional swings that are inappropriate or out of context to the situation

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