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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dancing With Destiny ...

The history that we don't know can be a dangerous thing. If it's an ugly part of history and it remains a secret then through our ignorance we fan the blaze of suffering instead of extinguishing it.
WAYNE SNELLGROVE AND DIANA O'HARA are both survivors of ugly parts of history that caused tremendous amounts of suffering to millions of people.
Although they carry their own stories, the glue that binds their stories together is the fact that these were crimes against humanity conceived and carried out by governments and the RCC.
Together, they believe that when these truths are told and these secrets are exposed it throws roadblocks for these atrocities to never happen again.
Together, they are also reaching out to find other survivors to assist them in their helaing process and to encourage others to speak out against these injustices.
Empowerment comes when one is ready to take the leap from victim of circumstances to survivor of circumstances.
Wayne and Diana offer speaking engagements and facilitate workshops offering tools necessary to take that leap ...and...then one more....
The leap from Survivor to Thriver....
Perhaps, it was part of the dance.
To live the story, to feel the pain, to be witness to it all and then to be a part of extinguishing the blaze of suffering so that healing can take place on this earth in these times of great change and transformation.
Yes.....Dancing With Destiny

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