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Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello, my name is clyneisha burise and i am reaching out to anyone that would help a young man by the name of Cjavar Galmon (deejay) was shot and killed august 11 by an off duty officer outside a local club he was unarmed and surrendering. And yet the office shot without motive cjavar was pronounced dead on the spot. Please im begging any one to help our voices be heard justice for deejay the offi ce was only suspended. His mother doesnt deserve this heartache her baby was only 18 years old just leaving high school. We never thought that what was suppose to protect us will take his. Life for no reason. His mother deserves answers please help our voices be heard. Cjavar was from a small town called kentwood louisiana. Please reach out. I didnt know him that well but no innocent man deserves to die especially not that way he was shot in the mouth his voice will never be heard again. Please we need all the help we can get to get the medias attention and seek justice for deejay another young innocent black man killed for nothing. A young lady by the name of Miracale Whitney started this protest you can find her on facebook i just want his mom to be at peace and get the answers she deserves.

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