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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Free Marian Price

In 1971, the British Government introduced Internment to incarcerate Irish Republicans for simply believing they held Republican views and ideologies.This was vehemently opposed in Ireland and beyond.
40 years later,Marian Price,amongst others,finds herself a victim of the reintroduction of British Internment and is isolated in an all male British gaol as a result of a decision made directly from Westminster by a British Tory minister to have her summarily incarcerated.
Marian Price arrested and returned to a British prison for actions of resistance committed as a Provisional IRA volunteer in 1973.The reintroduction of Internment has and is once again being used as a tool by a British government to quell free spech and stifle Human rights.
The actions of British Tory minister Owen Paterson prove, if proof were needed, that the Good Friday agreement has failed, British direct rule is prevelant and the Stormont myth lies exposed.
Oppose British Internment in Ireland! Free Marian Price Immediately!!!

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