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Friday, 24 August 2012

James Prindle

I have just got off the fone with Steve Sydebotham, and he says that there is a 3 day reprieve. James Prindle will now be sentenced on Monday August 27th, 2012 at 9am

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  1. First, James blamed the assault on a black man in a home invasion. Next, he blamed his friends - said he could hear her torturous screams but was prevented from rendering assistance. Finally, he made up a story about being away from the residence with his accomplice at the time of the beating and rape - this after the accomplice confessed his part and was convicted. James then bathed his baby sister in an attempt to wash away evidence - his beaten baby sister bleeding profusely - even though she was a blonde she appeared to be a redhead to the attending nurse at the hospital. This bath came ahead of any call for help. He has a bunch of supporters icluding Dan who runs the blog "wandervogeldiary". They are a bunch of crazies who have fashioned a number of kooky conspiracy theories suggesting the entre legal system is complicit in an attempt to frame poor James.
    Over at wandervogeldiary, Dan now admits the conspiracy theory was made up and your freind Swydebotham is now being referred to as a predator and thief.
    One year after the crime James told Steve, "my biggest regret about that night is the loss of my xbox".
    There is now no reason to set the verdict aside. After a comprehensive 2 year investigation and a vigorous defense of James, the facts of the case are clear and the verdict is in.
    James was to protect his baby sister that evening. As she was screaming for help, the only person that could, was the most vicious of all. It breaks my heart and truly reflects on how bent you and the rest of his supporters are.