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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Occupying the Hood God Bless my Dead Ghetto got living to do.

This is why I do what I do. I can't bring my son back..But I can help save your child's life... Not many MEN would have endured what I have since 12-2-2006..But I'm still standing tall for the cause...My Joy and my pain are laced across this post.... As much anger is in my Heart..I never broke the Promise I made to the People that attended his Home Coming.. I told everyone that came that SHORTY gonna mean something round here.Well I think I did it. and it's on INTERNATIONAL display.I'm a Warrior for my community.From Zion to Baltimore I fight the Fight..and I don't back down....For all you Religious people get your Bibles and read the Story of JOB......I did my Job and give all praise to God above to give me the Strength to carry on.. When my friend and Family lost faith and bellife in me .......My God gave me comfort from the unjust prosecution I have been enduring since 1-31-2007. no weapons form against me shall prosper.. and Just like JOB ...I did my Job..Now I'm ready to hold everyone accountable that had something to do with this mess.. Our Government and elceted officials.. NAACP and the ACLU too. No one gets a pass.
 @Duane G. Davis

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