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Thursday, 23 August 2012

'Majority of Americans feel Police Discrimination'

Stop and Frisk.

It's a policy that the New York City Police Department has employed -- they say to get illegal guns off the street.

The numbers -- however -- say that it's aimed squarely -- disproportionately -- at New York's Black and Latino communities.

Stop and Frisk has changed New Yorkers' opinions about the way they're treated by cops -- beyond question.

A recent New York Times poll of one thousand New Yorkers found that four out of five blacks feel the NYPD favors white people over black -- and half of the white people polled agree.

How else would they feel -- when over the last ten years 85% of those stopped and frisked were black and latino -- according to the New York Civil Liberties Union?

Now nearly everyone that we spoke with acknowledged that police work in NYC is amongst the toughest of jobs. Relatives of police -- especially parents -- tell us that most of the cops doing that tough job are doing it very well.

Jack Weiner's son recently retired as an NYPD detective after 22 years on the job.

He adds -- as do others -- that different neighborhoods in New York demand different policing tactics.

NYPD recruitment has created a police force that matches the diversity of New York's neighborhoods.

Leadership positions in the department -- however -- continue to be held predominantly by whites.

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