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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Girl Nobody Wants Author Lily O Brien

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WARNING VERY GRAPHIC DISCUSSION ON CHILD ABUSE! Panel: David Little Eagle and Nell Cole The Girl Nobody Wants - A shocking true story of child abuse in Ireland Lily O'Brien (Author) Please join us as we hear from the Author’s own words what she lived as a child. The show is dedicated to her brother Simon. Also, to all those children who lost their life or took their life because of the pain of living with what happened to them. This is the shocking true story of an innocent girl abused by the very people who said they would take good care of her. Lilly's family began the path to her destruction - they used and abused her - but they never ever wanted or loved her. The little girl was sexually physically and emotionally abused by many people around her who were able to hide behind the security of Ireland's Catholic Church-run institutions. She also suffered at the hands of other people around them who they called their friends. You only get one chance to live your life as a child, but Lilly was never given that chance - her childhood was taken from her before it ever begun. You may contact her at: https://www.facebook.com/Thegirlnobodywants

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  1. Ireland's Catholic Church-run institutions have a lot to answer for all the lifes they sexually physically and emotionally abused a lot of people were turned off by religion due to seeing hypocrisy and even experiencing pedophilia/sexual abuse at the hands of the so-called "shepherds":(