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Thursday, 30 August 2012


The loneliness that you all feel as individuals is slowly but surely leading you into darker and darker places. Aggression and ridicule that is being fired in your direction by the ones who practise or protect one of the worst crimes known to humanity i.e. paedophilia, carries no weight in the world of decency. This evil destruction will never be able to be fully transmitted within the written word. My message to you all is a message that promotes arrogance, disrespect and pity for the perpetrators; they must be shown no mercy within the law. The abuse of animals, in many cases, is punished more severely than paedophilia. When Cyril Smith MP was alive, he was accused of paedophilic crimes when David Steel MP came to his rescue with the statement: "All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" - When disc-jockey Jonathan King was charged for paedophilic crimes Simon Cowell put up £50K towards his bail. - When prolific billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was released from prison after serving a sentence for paedophilic crimes Prince Andrew was seen walking with him in Central Park NY; Prince Andrew has had sex with underage prostitutes and his royal family were very close to the outrageously disgusting paedophile ‘SIR’ Jimmy Saville. Epstein had permission to fly his private jet into military bases in this country; at least one young girl, or boy always accompanied him. - The list is endless, there are many celebrities and back-room workers within the entertainment industry that are heavily involved in the abuse, torture and murder of children and distribution of snuff movies. Simple facts like these that appear spasmodically in our ‘so-called’ national media must tear your hearts out. To all victims I say: Leave the bottles and the drugs to one side – that is the main step for you all to take. This will clear your mind and give you the strength and clarity to follow through with your convictions, instead of being eaten by alcohol and drugs; an army cannot survive on alcohol and drugs! If you can all do this, then we shall spread our battle to the whole world. To all you paedophiles, I ask you to come forward, declare yourselves, your crimes and your associates, you will then close your eyes and travel towards the light more peacefully when you meet your end, however that may be. God is not a figment of people’s imagination; he is the light, the truth and the love of our blue planet. My advice to you comes in one-word “DISCLOSE”. God bless all victims & survivors. 
Bill Maloney.

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