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Monday, 9 June 2014

We must continue to march forward! California needs us to act now!

In the State of California the Department of Corrections Rehabilitation has proposed new rules concerning censorship. I am requesting that you all get involved, Lets stand tall and fight against this bogus censorship with prison officials hope to silence the mouths of inmates when it comes to their right to communicate with their love one's, friends, and attorneys. This is an attack on organizations ability to communicate with inmates and to learn of abusive behaviors they are subject too. The State of California house's the most inmates in the country, in which many inmates have described as abusive guards. The system is best described as inadequate.

Organizations ability to gain information from inmates will be blocked by California Department of Corrections if this handcuff policy is approved. This would totally mean that it would be up to the grace of prison guards to give a inmate his or her mail. This is a big attempt by California prison officials to silence you!, because we cannot act on something that we can't find out.

For more information please click on to the below link. Lets stand up for our brothers and sisters that are caged inside California prisons and tell the Department of Corrections to not implement the new policy. Please act now in every way that you can.

Mark A. Clements

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