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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mom Dies in PA Debtors Prison

Photo from Reading Eagle http://readingeagle.com/section/mobile

1.  A Mother Died Suspiciously in Pennsylvania's Debtors Prison for Fines Regarding Her Truant Kids. Pennsylvania is running a prison profiteering scheme using black mental patients and poor people of any race. PLEASE CHECK FOR THE VICTIM'S ORGANS AND GET AN INDEPENDENT OUT-OF-STATE AUTOPSY. Pennsylvania prison profiteers probably sell organs. Condolences to her family and friends.

2.  See also "Free Your Slaves, Pennsylvania: Terrell Scott and His Family"

3.  (Three (3) links are above this line.) Social deviants in Pennsylvania made headlines in 2009 when its veteran judges sold kids4cash to friends who owned private juvenile detention facilities for $2.6 million (it was probably much more). Penn State took the nation's front pages when it was revealed that children were molested there, and their molestation was covered up by the university administrators. Now we know that blacks with mental illness like Terrell Scott are indefinitely detained in prison with trials denied and tortured until they make false confessions accepting responsibility for crimes the prosecutors cannot prove because they never happened. 

4.  With the death of Eileen DiNino, 55, of Reading, we learned that Pennsylvania is locking up poor women for small fines having to do with truant children. How many of them die behind bars? (Some inmate murders are covered-up in American jails and prisons. See the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website for a sample. See also Jerome Murdough's story. He was murdered by baking in Riker's Island Jail, and no prison officials or city and state officials reported his demise to his family. They would never have known if it had not been for Associated Press (AP), which spilled the baked beans when they called Murdough's relatives and asked for a statement six weeks after his wrongful death). 

5.  Terrell Scott went to a hearing today on the false allegations that he ignored probation appointments. The first two appointments were for dates before Scott was released from prison, and the third appointment was for a date when Scott was committed to a mental hospital, which commitment Pennsylvania knew about. Police with hands on Tasers walked in the mental institution last week and demanded that Scott come with them back to prison, which removed him from his treatment for PTSD, which he contracted while wrongfully imprisoned for nearly five years in torturous conditions. Scott is also in violation for failing to take a sexual predator assessment test that the prison never administered to him in the nearly five years he was in custody - as though it is Scott's fault the state could not find a psychiatrist to skew the test results and therefore probably chose not to administer it.

6.  Terrell Scott's attorney did not bother to show up for his client's hearing. I suppose he seeks to save his "good name" and not get more entangled in the persecution of Terrell Scott than he already is. They plan another gag-non hearing for Scott in two weeks. Meanwhile, Scott is in general population at the prison rather than in his mental hospital where Pennsylvania removed him from to deprive him of treatment he needs and deserves after all the prison put him through for five years. They had better see that nothing happens to Scott that is declared "NOT SUSPICIOUS" before any investigationis even done. That is what happened to the debtors prison victim, Eileen DiNino, even before a cause of death was determined.

7.  Social deviants have thrown caution to the wind while the nation has a Justice Department that abdicated its responsibility to guarantee justice and human rights for disabled Americans and institutionalized people like Larry Neal, Jerome Murdough, and Eileen DiNino, who are treated like "refugees" left over from slavery and NOT citizens. Please call and email the USDOJ at AskDOJ@usdoj.gov and (202)514.2000

8.  Terrell Scott told his mother he cannot take much more of this. It appears that Pennsylvania has been trying to induce suicidal thoughts into Terrell for some time, and his probation officer, who has only talked to him once or twice, claimed to the hearing officer (not a judge) that Terrell Scott should be imprisoned because he is a danger to self and others. Isn't that rich? They sent police to remove Scott from a mental hospital in order to imprison him to keep him safe from himself, and Pennsylvania uses probation officers and not psychiatrists to render psych evaluations. That is tough love, Pennsylvania. We begin to wonder who needs Terrell's organs. It would be smart if they would look for another match. 

9. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections kept Mr. Lockett's heart and larynx - the torture/execution victim. His organs are not useful for transplants because they are full of mystery execution drugs. They are probably somebody's trophies. When black men were lynched in America years ago, the lynching mob would occasionally skin them and use the skin to make belts and purses. Many social deviants are in the justice system.

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