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Monday, 30 June 2014

People For Schapelle Corby

What is crowd-funding? Crowd-Funding constitutes a group of people joining together to collect funds to achieve a common objective.

Why does it matter to this group? Because it allows communities to collect the funds to confront governments and large corporations, through innovative initiatives and ideas.

The problem to overcome in this case is that Australia is closed for justice. The politicians refuse to confront what The Expendable Project has exposed about politicians. The AFP fights against transparency and truth at every juncture, to protect its own. The media vilifies anyone who threatens to expose its fabrications and smears, protecting the squalid establishment it is a constituent part of.

In short, the powerful and privileged look after each other. Schapelle Corby, and the rest of us, are expendable when we get in the way.

As individuals, we are relatively powerless to stand up to this. However, as a community we are not.

One way to combine is to ‘crowd-fund’ an event which would directly confront politicians, and which would bypass the demonstrably corrupt AFP. The nature of such an event almost spells itself out.

The Expendable Project has published the cast iron proof of Canberra’s appalling misconduct, self-interest, and unmitigated abuse. This is incontrovertible: it presents evidential proof of a series gross criminal acts and flagrant abuses of human rights.

But where is there to go when the nation state itself refuses to face this? Where to turn when the ranks are closed to protect the culpable? What to do when the media hides the damning government cables, and abuses and ridicules the innocent victim instead?

We can take justice by the hand, and become pro-active. We can create a 'bounty', payable to anyone who will make a citizen's arrest of named individuals, preferably outside the jurisdiction of Australia. We can use truth and justice to confront them in public, as individuals: outside their cosy protected comfort zone.

But how? What to do? How to make a legal arrest? What to present to the police? What to say? What will it achieve?

The answers to these questions are all explained here:

Anyone who fulfils those conditions in making a citizen's arrest of Howard, Ellison, or Keelty, will be rewarded with the bounty so far collected from the global public, from the people. The bounty will then continue to be replenished with new donations, and we will go again.

Canberra? Anyone who commits or has committed an offence against Schapelle Corby can and will be added to the list. Queensland, and the theft of $500,000 of taxpayer revenue to fund TV smears? Yes, those responsible can and will be added to the list too.

Crowd-funding opens up a raft of opportunities to take the truth forward, and to seek justice directly. At the same time, foreign governments (including Indonesia) are to be approached to alert them to this situation, and seek assistance should an arrest take place on their territory.

As the bounty increases, so does the probability of subsequent arrests taking place.

From here on, those who have abused Schapelle Corby for self interest can rest a little less easy in their beds: public accountability and justice are edging closer. The light of integrity and truth shines increasingly brightly on the grubby corners of Canberra, and the vested interests of those who purport to represent us, but serve only the interests of themselves, and the paymasters of Macquarie Bank.

Please support this initiative. Human beings are not expendable.



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