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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Join #EndExploitation Movement! Be a part of the Coalition to End Sexual...

http://endexploitationmovement.com The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) is focused on bringing a variety of people together to solve and end the complex social issue of sexual exploitation and its associated companion -- pornography. In order to do this, it unites the efforts of like-minded organizations and leaders across the world in a loose coalition. As of June, 2014 there are 143 national, state and local organizations in the Coalition. A partial list of these groups can be found here.

We need strong, united leadership in order to galvanize a successful movement that will halt the pornification of our society. Many groups around the country address various aspects of this fight. However, work and resources are often duplicated; groups are unaware of what others are doing; and many are working in a silo, separate from their allies who can help them achieve their mission. As members of the coalition, we can create a unified front when faced with seemingly insurmountable issues in our field.

If this is an issue that matters to you, we invite you to join with us to end sexual exploitation.

Members of the coalition include the following:

Child advocacy and Internet safety leaders;
Pro-family organizations;
Prevention & education groups;
Women's rights and feminist activists;
Recovery groups for survivors, addicts, loved ones;
Law enforcement;
Mental health and science experts;
Anti-trafficking groups;
State policy groups;
Technology and filtering companies;
Religious leaders;

This video was made at the 2014 Summit. The Second Annual Summit will be held in the Spring 2015 in Washington, DC:http://www.endexploitationsummit.com

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